Facelift Plastic Surgery in Marin County, California

Facelift Cosmetic Surgery in Marin County, California–  Facelift rejuvenation surgery has become a popular procedure for Marin County residence.  This is true for both men and women.  Some of the most common reasons for facelift rejuvenation in Marin county, CA are

1. A person who is showing significant signs of aging and is in a job industry that want to display youth. Many Marin County facelift patients pursue the option of surgery.

2. Divorce is more common these days and men and women in Marin want to improve their appearance.  Many patient find that facelift specialist by Dr. Delgado is a popular choice.  A man or women who has  Marin County Facelift surgery rejuvenation is very happy, especially with Dr. Delgado’s plastic surgery practice.

3. The appearence of their face has become concerning and are looking for a change.  Dr. Delgado is a Marin County facelift surgery expert and will present a variety of option to improve their looks.

These are the most common reason for seeking Marin County, CA facelift surgery by Dr. Delgado.

Dr. Delgado-Facelift surgeon
Dr. Delgado-Facelift surgeon

A natural looking facelift is the ultimate goal of most people seeking facial rejuvenation in Marin County ,California. There are many key components to this process. One of the most important is the cosmetic and plastic surgeon who you select. The surgeon is very similar to an artist and his artistic expression is seen through understanding your concerns, diagnosing the aging issues and making a  recommendation. The facelift result is seen through your doctor’s creative eyes , like Dr. Miguel Delgado to bring about a natural land elegant appearance. The best way to see the plastic surgeons artistic sense is to examine his before and after facelift photografts. Some plastic surgeons like a more extreme or exaggerated look, like maybe Los Angeles and others like a more subtle and natural appearance like   Dr. Delgado.

Other than the plastic surgeons artistic skill, the surgical techniques and how the face and neck relates to the eye and eyebrows must be viewed together and brought into harmony with the surgical procedure.

A natural looking facelift should be a long lasting facelift as well.   The SMAS facelift technique is the modern day facelift procedure also call Rhytidectomy and has become a key component to a natural and long lasting facelift.

The video below is of Dr. Delgado before and after facelift photos.

Last but not least is excellent skin care. A wonderful and natural looking facelift will address the anti-gravity skin changes but not the quality of the skin. A natural looking face lift is a marriage between youthful looking skin and a well positioned facelift. This does not mean there should be minimal wrinkles. Wrinkles are a beautiful and natural part of aging and the skin quality can still be very vibrant.

Dr. Delgado facelift before and after photos - Marin County
Dr. Delgado facelift before and after photos





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